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CourtTech Squash Courts

Perfect Squash Courts: Made in Germany

We believe in science-based German engineering – offering the highest quality squash courts. In collaboration with Universities and leading companies in prefabricated construction, CourtTech has developed a world-class engineered squash court wall system. Our expertise and process is what makes us strong. Driven by university based research, we make the perfect court even better.

Advantages of CT Squash Courts in short:

» The sand fill walls provide an equal ball bounce.
» The special tongue and groove connection between the boards guarantees a joint less playing surface.
» CT walls are designed for all humidity levels.
» Logos of the club can be painted on our walls.
» CourtTech is granting a 10 years warranty.
» All CT elements are certified and approved by the World Squash Federation (WSF).

Best practice & market knowledge

In the leisure market there is a huge variety of “the best” business concepts. We consider various factors when deciding on the right concept. We’ve accumulated 25 years of experience in the market. Knowing what’s come before us, we know how to make future projects successful. And every day we learn a little bit more. Our network extends to over 60 countries and includes consultants, elite athletes and specialists in the sports and leisure industry, giving us the credentials, experience and in-depth knowledge to serve you.

Modelos de pistas para todos los requesitos

With an incredible and powerful combination of German Engineering with european Design, CourtTech Padel Courts will not only look the best but will play the best.

CourtTech tiene una red mundial de socios y tiene referencias en más de 60 países.

¿Estás planeando una cancha de squash? Contáctanos!

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interactiveSQUASH is available with CourtTech now!

interactiveSQUASH is available with CourtTech now!

Transform your court into a smart court with interactiveSQUASH – brought to you by CourtTech. The technology tracks every players’ move and shot, meaning that you can play any sort of game and/or training module on a massive virtual environment with a real racquet and a real ball.

For a total new Squash expierence!

Check out everything about interactiveSQUASH

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CourtTech in 61 Countries

CourtTech in 61 Countries

With the 2 CT Leisure Courts in Papua New Guinea, we installed CourtTech Courts in 61 Countries so far.

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CourtTech at FSB Cologne

CourtTech at FSB Cologne

This year again the FSB will take place in Cologne, Germany from 5th to 8th November 2019. Visit us in Hall 9 F001. More to come!

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