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Business Planing

Key figures for the business planning of squash courts.


The total investment costs of a squash court depends on a number of components. Besides the price for the court, the cost for the building envelope is an important issue. The construction costs for the building are normally directly linked with the costs for the squash court. Therefore it is important to see both cost factors in their context.

Of course each investment depends on the location, but in general the following basic parameters should be taken into account: The calculatory base area for a squash court is 120 sqm, inclusive the usual infrastructure like changing rooms, seat area outside the court, reception etc.

Operating Cost

Usually the CourtTech Squash Courts are maintenance-free. Of course they require regular cleaning. Only the squash court floor has to be sanded every 8 to 10 years in order to maintain the rough surface required for the squash court.

The most important factors for the operating costs are electricity for the lighting and, according to the climatic conditions, also the costs for the heating or air conditioning and the ventilation. It is necessary to note these ongoing operational costs into account. In many cases low additional investment costs may considerably reduce the operating costs.

Personnel Costs

Besides the finance costs normally the personnel costs are the most important

cost factor. It is important to consider the personnel costs during the architectural planning. It is advisable to run the entire facility during quite times with low personnel costs.

CourtTech has a large database with economical calculations for squash facilities. We are pleased to help you with the planning of your facility with our specific indicators