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The CT FLEXI Court is not only just a squash court but a multipurpose sport hall for every type of indoor sport. Within a few minutes one person can easily move the movable CT System Side Walls. With this system two, three, four or five courts in a row can be transformed into different sized sport halls to be used for activities such as indoor football, basketball, badminton, paddle tennis, dance and aerobics. CT FLEXI Courts optimise the space the with a high return of investment than single-use squash courts.

The CT FLEXI Court is specially designed for doubles squash. The WSF squash court specification gives the doubles squash court dimensions as 7620mm. For WSF recognised world and regional events and Commonwealth Games, the width of the court between playing surfaces may be increased to 8420mm.

With the CT FLEXI Court you can play both types of doubles squash. The gap between the CT Movable Side Wall to the glass back wall is less than 8 mm in compliance with the WSF specifications. The CT Walls, the CT Movable Side Wall, the CT Glass Walls and the Junckers Sylva Squash Sport Floor are all approved and certified by the WSF.

All elements of the CT FLEXI Courts are approved and certified by the WSF.

In several countries the CT Walls are considered as Mobile Economical Goods, enjoying various tax advantages.

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