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The CT GLASS Court is the perfect showpiece for professional squash. One of our main focuses during the development of this brand new court was to create an unrivalled atmosphere for the biggest events in world squash. CourtTech has added new features which enable easier installation and dismantling.

The CT GLASS Court is available in different versions – as a three or four sided glass court and as fixed or demountable versions. We are pleased to develop the perfect glass court, corresponding to your requirements and special wishes.

For the demountable version, we use a modular sport floor which consists of prefabricated modules for quick and secure handling. The floor is unsealed. For better visibility of white squash balls, a dark smoked oak is used instead of European beech.

Revolutionary LED Lighting is supplied with the CT Glass court. This creates a much whiter and brighter light. It can also be supplied in variously coloured light shows. The LED lighting can be instantly turned on and off, enabling promoters to experiment with lighting effects before and after matches.  LED lighting substantially decreases electricity consumption and ensures functionality in the event of a power failure.