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With interactiveSQUASH, every court can be turned into a smart court in an instant. The interactiveSQUASH technology tracks the movements and shoots of the players. This means you can play in a massive virtual reality with the real racket and the selected training module.

For a completely new squash experience!

The interactiveSQUASH hardware system equips standard courts with digital training functions and games to become interactive training and gaming centers. Squash players can train in a completely new way. The programs have been developed in collaboration with professional trainers and players to achieve the best possible result. InteractiveSQUASH training modules are designed to train the skills and techniques needed in the tournament. Players receive visual tips, feedback, and audio instructions during training. Players also receive real-time feedback and ratings of their performance. You can analyze every single shot.

The interactiveSQUASH games are designed to be fun and appealing with multiple levels, friendly graphics and sounds. Based on the motto «Focus on the fun and not the burn». The result is one of the funniest and most inspiring sports trainings on the market. You can play alone or test your skills with others.

The smart system gets regular online updates, through a software license, for new games and training apps.

The installation is done in 2-3 days and we will provide you full support.


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Interactive fun in the squash court!

CourtTech stands for innovation! Discover interactiveSQUASH! The first digital squash court with CourtTech, that offers a whole new dimension of indoor sports, both as a Fun court — for kids, families, school classes, Companies and as an interactive squash court — for singles and team players.
Luminous graphics, cool sounds and many different animation games bring great fun for all ages — youngsters and adults! In addition to the fun effect it also improves the concentration, coordination, agility, speed and physical condition. It is the perfect location for you to organise in it a sporty children’s birthday party or a sporty family outing.

Just contact us to know more about all the possibilities.

Efficient training at the highest level

With the interactive court you can boost your training! You will increase your personal level of squash and improve your game skills. Varied training programs for single and team players and real-time feedback will give you instant evaluation of your performance. Furthermore visual and acoustic hints give the player immediate feedback and instructions. In the next future will be also possible to run an individual analysis also with video thanks to this system, so that you will be able to check all possible details of your game during your training or match.
interactiveSQUASH — Start training on the most modern system and at the highest level. The interactive court will make you want more — come and experience it yourself!

Just contact us to know more about all the possibilities.

Technical details

All-in-one Upgrade
  1. iTin (4 segments)
  2. Upper sensor bar
  3. Main cord
  4. Box (mounted onto ceiling)
  5. CAT5 Internet connection
  6. AC power
  7. CAT5 cable (camera connection)
  8. Camera mount (optional)

The App

At any time all statistics at hand.

With the interactiveSQUASH app, you can track your stats anytime, anywhere. The app records every game or training and provides immediate feedback to the player.

They have access to their player statistics, high scores and can network with other players.

Video Tracking

Full-video motion tracking and player analysis

interactiveSQUASH offers high tech video tracking. This allows players to train their skills effectively and efficiently and compete with friends.

Players can record their games and share their biggest moments with friends on social media. Coaches can use the recordings to analyze and evaluate the game.

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