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CourtTech Club Concept

Worldwide there are numerous concepts for squash facilities. Due to different cultural and other influences, a general concept for a successful facility does not exist.

From our point of view, the CourtTech Club Concept is extremely promising.

The Secret Success of the Leisure Industry

In the leisure market we find a huge variety of business concepts. Choosing the correct concept, you should consider many factors.
Below are the basics plans to keep in mind for a successful leisure facility.

Long term investment despite permanent changes in the industry:
“What do I have to consider to ensure that my sports facility will be just as fashionable in a decade as it was from day one?”
Continuous market innovation & trends:
“New trends appear and diminish  – which ones are right for my facility?”
Clear customer profiles:
“Each activity has its own type of user – which are the perfect matches?”

Each industry has its own rules
For example: Supermarkets have similar structures and are based on certain rules and experiences. The leisure industry also has rules which make it possible to keep operation costs as low as possible and to maximise profitability.

It is a long term investment
Πάντα ῥεῖ – everything flows – the famous Greek philosopher said to his
audience: “The only constant is change”.
The leisure industry is a good example of this.
An investment in a leisure facility is a long term investment.
A successful facility bears in mind the current market situation and also implements long term solutions to remain successful in a continuously changing market.

The impact of society on the leisure industry.
Most of the customers prefer facilities designed with the community in mind and incorporating good dynamics. People living in trendy areas require a higher community outlook than the need for sport. Understanding social lifestyles such as: single income, young families and demographical change can give you a clearer overview of how the customer needs can be satisfied.

Customer satisfaction:

To achieve a high level of customer satisfaction the following should be considered:

Sporting, healthy and active environment:
What are the key components to create this environment?
Sharing time with friends:
How to create and build friendships between club members?
Personal connections:
How to create and develop personal interest in members within the club?

Demographic change, internet and lifestyle have created the growth of singles and modern relationships in our society. An important motivation for people is to overcome participating in activities alone and become part of the community.

The CourtTech Club Concept

The development of a new leisure facility or the redesign of an existing one, is linked with a lot of questions such as: How to design the structure and to fill the facility with life? Therefore, the entire facility need a holistic approach.

The heart of your concept needs to be communication in order to overcome the  modern relationships and singles. The goal is to create a “third place”. The first place is home, the second place is the workplace, therefore, the third place is the “right place”.

Multi sport facilities are now standard. Each sport has its followers. The secret is to create synergies and not barriers between the different sporting activities.

Nearly all leisure clubs worldwide do not take care of the ‘relaxation’ aspect, which is as important as your chosen sporting activity.

So, the fourth element is labelled “relaxation” which means releasing tension caused by daily life and hard work. Achieving required relaxation levels you need ‘slow down’ techniques to harmonise body, soul and mind.

The elements mentioned above are important for mental and physical well-being giving a positive influence to allow for a well rounded individual.

This concept offers the investor
– planning security
– fulfils the needs for community
– sport activity, recuperation and relaxation.

Considering this concept you will achieve a long term and responsible investment in the leisure market.

If you like, CourtTech can help with planning your squash facility. Do not hesitate to contact us.