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CT Framed Glass Back Wall

The CT Framed Glass Back Wall is the most common glass back wall. This version is recommended if there is no plan for any public gallery behind the court. Beside the smaller installation area, this version has the advantage that the squash court is designed as a closed unit within the facility. The CT Framed Glass Back Wall offers a large viewing area to the audience, using only two panels without other additional attachments or pillars hindering the view. The framed glass back wall is maintenance-free due to fewer connection pieces and components.

The glass is 12mm toughened safety glass. The glass wall consists of two panels and one glass door with 3mm white ceramic silk screened lines bonded into the glass at 25mm intervals and 620mm high (optional). The clear entrance width is 914mm (barrier free access)
The glass panels are supported by an aluminium frame. The glass door is mounted laterally with hinges. The door opens to the inside of the court.