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Court Elements

The key elements of our squash courts in detail.

CT System Walls

CourtTech offers two different types of squash walls, the CT System Wall and the CT Half System Wall. CT System Walls are free-standing, without supporting masonry. CT Half System Walls are fixed to existing solid walls. In many cases both of these CourtTech Wall types can be combined on the same court.

The playing properties of both CourtTech Walls are identical. We also offer the same playing surface. We grant a guarantee of 10 years, independent of climatic conditions and respective location.

Individual Court Design

The special coating of all CourtTech Walls makes it possible to paint the walls in all available court colour tones.

Besides the colour choice of the walls, there is also the possibility to paint durable logos of sponsors or clubs on the walls.

CT Glass Walls

CourtTech offers two kinds of glass walls. Framed Glass Walls where the glass is supported by an aluminium frames. CT-Finned Glass Walls, where the glass panels are stabilized by glass fins.

All CT glass walls consist of 12mm safety glass. The standard door width is 914mm, according to standards for barrier free access.

CT Pro Squash Floor

CT Pro Squash Floor by Junckers is a specifically designed solid wood floor according to the European Standard 14904. This standard is recognized worldwide and conforms to requirements for a performance sports floor. The CT Pro Squash Floor is available in different colour shades.


Besides the standard equipment, such as tins, nets and lighting, we can satisfy individual needs for your courts. You only have to inform us of your requirements.

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