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CT Pro Squash Floor

The CT Pro Squash Floor is specially designed by CourtTech and Junckers. The floor is exclusively available with CourtTech. It was specially developed to fulfill the requirements for squash professionals. The CT Pro Squash Floor is 22mm thick consisting of double-width boards, which are nailed on an elastic subfloor of one layer of battens. As a result, the floor system can be considered as elastic sports flooring with high impact absorbency and elasticity, suitable for multi-purpose sports halls as well as for squash.

The entirely tongued floor offers excellent impact absorption, suspension and ball reaction. The impact energy is absorbed and this helps to protect the health and fitness of the customers by preventing physical strain to knees, ankles and the lower back.

The construction height is 100mm. The sports floor system fully conforms to the European Standard EN 14904:A4